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    Founded by a husband-and-wife team, Cage and Lantern first began when the Mrs. wanted to be a homemaker and still bring home an income. Cage and Lantern was created to bring stylish, functional, and quality children’s accessories to the market, and has since then branched into luxury leather goods for men and women as well. Most of our products are made of leather, and we take pride in sourcing and procuring all our materials from the highest quality companies in the USA. Moreover, everything is 100% handmade with care in Southern California. We strive to create unique pieces for your travels far and wide that will last you a lifetime. With every Cage & Lantern product, you can see and feel the difference.

  • Mr. & Mrs. Kovach

    Teddy and Marissa are the craftsmen behind Cage and Lantern products and currently reside in San Diego, Ca. The Mr. served in the US Marines and is currently studying to be a Mathematics teacher. The Mrs. came from the corporate world and is now a happy homemaker. We have a passion for God and for our two beautiful daughters. As believers of good hard work, we feel privileged to be able to use our hands to be inventive and creative for a living — we feel it's what we were made to do. We are currently living the "humble beginning" and are making the best out of what we've been blessed with.

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